Our Christmas Music Fundraising Program Offers Quick And Profitable Results

"It would be very easy to leave Amid the Winter Snow in the CD changer throughout the holiday season.
 The arrangements are appealing, the musicianship is first rate, and the recording resonates throughout."

Are you and your organization looking for a fundraiser that will give you an opportunity to raise a substantial amount of money in a relatively short period of time?

K&S Music is a small Vermont independent music company with 16 years of experience and is making available for the first time
 their holiday CD Amid the Winter Snow as a fundraising product. Amid the Winter Snow was recorded by two talented Vermont artists
 Alan Stewart and Todd Keenhold who together, perform under the name Braintree. This collection of holiday favorites
 has had a wide appeal in the northern New England region having sold well over 10,000 copies and receiving many prestigious accolades.

It has been proven that the fall season is the optimum time for any fundraising undertaking and what better way to raise money
 than to provide a product that appeals to a wide audience at the proper time.

 Let us provide you with fundraising tips and strategies which will help you decide which fundraising strategies will best suit your organization and guarantee an easy and successful fundraising experience.

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